What Are The Symptoms of Your Car or Truck Needing A Transmission Fluid Flush?

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what are the symptoms of your car or truck needing a transmission fluid flush?

Know the symptoms of your car or truck needing a transmission fluid flush from Bob Howard Buick GMC.

When Should You Change The Fluid In Your Transmission?

The transmission fluid helps keep the transmission from getting too hot, and it should be routinely maintained. Does the type of transmission in my vehicle make a difference? No matter if you have an automatic, manual, CVT, new, or even a used transmission, the fluid keeps the transmission lubricated so it can run smoothly. Every vehicle brand has its own specific maintenance schedule for servicing the fluid in the transmission, but if you feel any changes in the way your transmission feels, then changing or flushing the fluid might help solve the problem

Signs Of Transmission Problems

Signs Of Manual Transmission Problems

If you got your car brand-new, then you will have the full repair history and if the vehicle is up-to-date on its regular maintenance. However, if you bought a pre-owned vehicle, then you might not have the repair records to know when and if the transmission was last changed. Other than a check engine light, if you observe rough shifts, poor acceleration, slipping gears, or transmission whine, then you should consider having the transmission fluid changed or maybe even flushed.

Transmission Fluid Change vs. Flush

Transmission Fluid Flush vs. Change

Regardless of what you own, eventually, the transmission fluid will break down and stop working properly. So, change or flush, which is the right choice?

Changing Transmission Fluid – This easy procedure involves letting the used transmission fluid drain from the transmission pan under your car. While it cannot get rid of all of the used fluid, the price of a fluid change is less than a flush in nearly all circumstances.

Flushing The Old Fluid – This process includes specific machinery that will suction out almost all of the used transmission fluid from the system. A transmission fluid flush generally has a bigger cost but is a more thorough way of removing the old fluid.

Each situation and car is unique, let our skilled mechanics look at your vehicle, and they will give you an estimate of the unique services your vehicle needs.

Do I Need To Change My Transmission Fluid?

How Often Does Transmission Fluid Need To Be Changed?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘right’ answer as to how long does transmission fluid last. If you own a classic car that sits in an air-conditioned environment, you may be able to go several years without having to flush or change the fluid. If you own an HD pickup truck that gets used often, then you might consider flushing your fluid more frequently. Regardless, if you have concerns about when you should to change your transmission fluid, then it’s probably worth getting it. Our skilled mechanics will investigate the issue and suggest the correct service and get you back on the road, quickly.

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