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Bob Howard Buick GMC happily services all vehicles regardless of the make or model. To ensure your brakes are functioning at their best, schedule your brake service in Oklahoma City, OK in person or online today. Our expert technicians are looking forward to serving you and your vehicle.

The Importance of Regular Brake Service

Inspections of your braking system are the most crucial, despite the importance of regular maintenance on your car. While regular oil changes can help keep your vehicle running more efficiently, normal brake inspections help keep you safe. Making sure your car’s brakes are in optimal condition could be the difference between getting into a collision or narrowly missing one.

What Are The Signs That My Brake Is Failing?

At the first hint of a problem, you should get your brakes checked immediately to avoid any possible collision. Some common symptoms of brake issues include a squealing or grinding sound when using the brakes, a brake warning light that stays on, and vibrations or clunks when you brake. Other symptoms you should be on the lookout for include brakes that feel different. If it suddenly seems harder than normal to use or a little spongy, it is recommended that you get it checked right away. While these are the most common symptoms of brake problems it is not an exhaustive list. Bottom line, if the brakes feel off then you should schedule an appointment with one of our technicians to get it looked at.

Preventing Brake Problems

While there are other methods to decrease your chance of issues, routine repairs are the best way to avoid any problems with the brakes. First of all, do not ride your brakes. You just create excess wear and tear on your brakes if your foot is always on the brakes, and you could end up overheating them, too. If your brakes are worn or overheated it will take longer to slow down the car. Another way to help prevent brake issues is to downshift instead of braking. Downshifting is helpful in a car with a manual transmission or when driving down steep hills. Downshifting helps take the burden off of the brakes while slowing down your car. One relevant note when downshifting is to make sure the RPMs don’t get too high.

The Benefits of Brake Service

Buick GMC Brake Service In Oklahoma City OK

Buick GMC Brake Service In Oklahoma City OK

Bob Howard Buick GMC is one of the best destinations for all your Buick GMC repair needs. Visit our local dealership to schedule your next brake service in Oklahoma City, OK, today. Our specialists will have you back on the road in no time. Sí, se habla español.

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